your purchases helped Cheryl: thank you

Mom Bomb Giving is thrilled to help Cheryl, a fellow mom in crisis.

This year, it is no secret that already busy parents have had to stretch even further to fill new, evolving roles. Fitting full-time homeschooling onto an already full plate, mothers have been forced to adapt as they take on another role.  It is never easy.

Meet Cheryl:

Take homeschooling two busy boys, add in major surgery, and finish with pursuing a master's degree, and you'll enter the world of Cheryl. Cheryl is another hardworking and dedicated mother that Mom Bomb is thrilled to help. 

Through an anonymous submission, she learned about Mom Bomb and our mission. "I have never heard of mom bomb before," Cheryl said when she found out she had been chosen. Keeping her family running, as well as caring for herself in her rehabilitation, she said, "I have been overwhelmed lately with homeschooling my kids, working on my master's degree, and having major back surgery. This gift will ease the burden more than anyone can imagine." We never imagine we will have to ask for help until we do. However, as she told us, "I am beyond grateful and find this organization to be the best for moms in need. I'm forever grateful." 

We are thankful to Cheryl for letting Mom Bomb be a part of her story. As she highlighted, we work to take a few immediate burdens so that moms can feel lighter as they continue supporting their families. We wish her all the best and honor all the love she is pouring into her home every day.

Remember, your purchases from Mom Bomb matter. In treating yourself to a little everyday luxury, you help fill the gaps for your fellow mom tribe in crisis. To find out more about how Mom Bomb gives back through our own charity, click here.

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