The Best Recovery from Summer Sports

It’s that time of year, when everyone resumes their favorite summer sports and activities. It is so joyful to be outside in the sun, soaking in vitamin D, and taking part in a sport that you truly enjoy. There are so many sports and activities to choose from! You can go running, biking, kayaking, golfing, play baseball or soccer, or even begin to train for fall sports. But what about sore muscles?

Running is a full body workout. Your heart rate increases dramatically, your arms are pumping, you’re engaging your back and your core, and your . quads, calves, hip flexors, hamstrings, and glutes are receiving the force of the workout the most. The entire bottom half of your body is engaged! Whether you’re a mile-runner or a long-distance, cross-country type, running regularly in the summer can lead to chronic soreness. You’ve tried going to stretch labs; you’ve tried running shorter distances; you’ve tried drinking the recommended two liters a day, but your muscles still burn and ache.

Biking exerts your legs. That is a fact. After a long bike ride, your legs might feel like jelly, and after that gelatin sensation wears off, they burn and cramp and the next day while riding, the burning and cramping return. You’ve tried topical anesthetics, ice baths, stretching, rest days, but your legs still ache relentlessly! What other remedy could you possibly find?!

Kayaking, unlike biking and running, puts strain on your arms rather than your legs. Kayaking is a wonderful summer activity: you get to look out at the water, perhaps see some wildlife, feel the sun shining on you, and most of the times you get to kayak with a friend! Even in today’s climate, you can absolutely social distance as you peruse the lake. This sport is an upper body workout. You engage your biceps, triceps, lats, etc. Rowing with an oar can make your arms unbearably sore. Is there something you can do to relieve the pain?

Mom Bomb has the solution to sore muscles from summer activities: the Calm Bomb bath bomb. Made with 25mg of a proprietary solution of CBD for maximum absorption and effectiveness with no THC, the Calm Bomb can relax those sore muscles and soothe the aches of the active day you have just had. The relief you can feel with this product is almost immediate. The Calm Bomb also may help with insomnia and more.. Head over to to learn more about our Calm Bomb line and to order yours today so you can get back outside for your favorite summertime activity!

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