Father Knows Best

Fathers teach us extremely useful skills throughout our lives. Can you remember learning how to mow the lawn? The hot summer heat and the sweat dripping down your back and pooling in your shirt as the loud engine blocks out the sounds of spring. You can never forget this skill, and you owe it all to dad!

Perhaps your father is more of a handyman. He can teach you how to use an electric drill, spackle a wall, drain a pipe, or install a light fixture. All those difficult ‘fix it’ tasks are exactly what dads are best at. With your new skillset, you feel empowered and capable of anything - Dad always makes you feel on top of the world!

Dads can also teach you how to cook! Burgers and bacon are at the forefront of his skillset, so you can count on being able to make a mean hamburger. Maybe your dad only knows how to boil water to cook pasta - no matter - that is still an essential skill in the adult world!

On a beautiful summer day, dad can teach you how to ride a bike on two wheels. We all remember that tremulous first bike ride. Dad is holding you as you ride, you gain momentum, you feel so safe and protected as you pick up this new skill, and suddenly you turn around to see that no one is holding you! The freedom that riding a bike gives you is a gift from dad.

Dads can teach you how to master sports. Maybe soccer, football, or fitness routines - if you need a free personal trainer - look no further than Dad! He can set up obstacle courses. He can play catch with you. He can coach you through any doubts you have. He is a great tool before try-outs! Dad will always be there to cheer you on at sporting events - with a sign and Gatorades on the sidelines. Only Dad can make you feel like the MVP at any game you play in.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Dad can teach you that coveted skill for every teenager - how to drive! Every young adult wants to have the sense of empowerment, freedom, and the feeling of arrival that comes with learning how to drive around town. If your dad drives a standard, he can teach you how to drive that way too. Your dad will be patient, hopefully with a sprinkle of humor, as you learn not to press too hard on the gas or stop short - classic rookie mistakes! You can go on to remember fondly how it was your father who gave you this ultimate gift of independence.

Dad is always there, with the patience and understanding that only a dad can have, and Mom Bomb wants to help you celebrate him this Father’s Day. Mom Bomb knows you want to treat the men in your life special and there is no better way than with our brand-new men’s line. Our full selection is available at www.buybombshelpmoms.com.

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