6 Ways CBD Can Help Athletes Performance

Cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD, is the most popular extract derived from the cannabis plant. The substance is mostly used to manage disorders that manifest in pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Besides its immense analgesic, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is also encouraged because it delivers minimal side effects.

Thanks to CBD’s powerful therapeutic properties, the popularity of cannabis has grown beyond the health and wellness quarters. Fitness freaks can also add the substance to their workout routines for better performance.

In this post, we shall discuss the six ways athletes can optimize their workouts using CBD.

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1. CBD Improves Muscle Recovery

It’s almost impossible to think of a workout that doesn’t involve the risks of suffering pain. Indeed, pain is part and parcel of an athlete’s life.

One of the common types of pain associated with working out is Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness, also known as DOMS. DOMS refers to the pain and tenderness that you experience in your muscles, which usually sets in after the first 24 hours of exercising.

If not addressed, DOMS can significantly affect your ability to follow through with your daily exercises. And while it normally goes away on its own after 3 days or so, you can use CBD to relieve the symptoms of DOMS for an uninterrupted exercise routine. By using CBD, you won’t have to stay away from the gym every other day, waiting for the symptoms of DOMS to go away.

2. CBD Alleviates Inflammation

Just like pain, inflammation is another common condition that athletes have to deal with. Inflammation is discomforting enough. And its adverse effects on the body are compounded by the fact that it also leads to muscle soreness and anxiety.

Thankfully, CBD is as effective in fighting inflammation as it is in fighting pain. CBD relieves inflammation by enhancing the activity of the body’s endogenous cannabinoids that are located in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

When you use a CBD-based skincare product, the cannabinoids in the product enter your body’s ECS, escalating the healing process. CBD’s ability to fight inflammation is the reason it’s prescribed for conditions like lupus, psoriasis, and Crohn’s disease.

3. CBD Relieves Stress

While stress is a mental condition, it directly impacts workouts. With racing thoughts in your mind and butterflies in your stomach, it’s difficult to focus on your sets. Poor focus affects your performance at various levels. Most notably, it interferes with your hand-eye coordination, which could result in serious accidents in the gym or on the tracks.

CBD relieves stress by inducing the secretion as well as enhancing the activity of the body’s feel-good hormones. Besides relieving stress, CBD also improves your focus by activating the 5-HT1A receptor located in your brain.

To completely banish anxiety for enhanced focus on your workouts, you should consider investing in a potent CBD tincture Canada.

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4. CBD Increases the Energy Levels

It doesn’t matter whether an exercise regime is physically-intensive or not, you’ll always suffer some fatigue at the end of it. Physical fatigue leads to mental fatigue, making you unable to carry on with your other equally-demanding tasks. CBD combats fatigue by improving your energy levels.

5. CBD Improves Sleep

Due to muscle soreness from long hours of exhausting workouts, athletes usually suffer sleep disorders, such as insomnia. But as we’ve already highlighted, CBD helps to relieve pain and muscle soreness, which subsequently enables athletes to have a better sleep.

Secondly, CBD infused weed gummies canada improves the quality of sleep by reducing daytime fatigue. CBD also improves sleep by erasing the REM phase. The REM phase is a stage in sleep where people experience the most dreams.

Erasing the REM phase improves both the quality and quantity of sleep. It explains why CBD is often prescribed for patients who have post-traumatic stress disorder.

6. CBD Improves Appetite and Helps With Digestion

A great appetite and incredible metabolism are key to the success of any workout. And it’s reassuring to note that CBD helps with both.

Improved appetite and proper digestion are also crucial areas where athletes will benefit from using a full-spectrum CBD product. On its part, CBD manages any side effects associated with gastrointestinal complications, such as constipation, nausea, and vomiting.


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If you’re looking for the safest way to optimize your workouts, you should look in the direction of CBD. Besides all the benefits we’ve highlighted above, you’ll be interested to learn that CBD doesn’t come with any serious side effects.

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