The Importance of Teachers in Your Child's Life

Standing outside in your windbreaker, you wait with your parents for the yellow giant that will transport you to the first day of the school year. You are eager to see the familiar faces of your peers, of course, but you are most anxious to meet the adult who will lead your class for the entire year. Will they be kind? Will they be bossy? Will they be funny? Will they let us watch movies? These are the questions that run through the minds of students every single first day, even through college.

The adult leader will be responsible for: creating a positive learning environment, acting as an advocate for his or her students, keeping students interested, and teaching life-lessons along the way. What a vital responsibility these teachers have taken on! The moment a teacher steps into the classroom, they must bring their essential toolkit - love, kindness, patience, intelligence, empathy, and humor. It’s a fairly heavy toolkit, and it takes an outpouring of emotions to fill it.

We all remember specific teachers and specific lessons; that poetry book you wrote with your class in fifth grade, dissecting that squid in eighth, having to memorize the Bill of Rights in high school. Those standout moments have everything to do with having an energetic, inspiring, caring teacher. How can we even possibly begin to thank the men and women who shape our young lives and lead us to discover what to do with the rest of it?

Teachers are grateful for any and all forms of appreciation. They love cards, apples, candy, you name it. In these unique times, MomBomb has a gift idea for you! Send your teachers a bath bomb that can be delivered right to their doorstep! An array of scents are available - Milk & Honey(Honey Bee), Peppermint(Paint the Town Red), Coconut & Tropical Breeze(Unwind), Caramel & Vanilla(Inspiration), Eucalyptus & Mint(Calm Bomb). You can send your beloved teacher one of our two-pack sets, a single that you know they will love, or even an E-gift card that they can use to select their own treat for all of their hard work.

Now more than ever, we appreciate the tireless efforts of teachers, and we remember the teachers who touched our lives. The teachers who receive from MomBomb will know that you put thought into their gift. To explore your options, visit

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