Create your own at-home spa experience!

Why spend an arm and a leg going to a spa when you can create your own inexpensive spa experience from your own home! You have privacy in the comfort of your own home and you can relax and indulge for as long as you want. Mom Bomb can help you create the perfect spa atmosphere for your “at home spa day” such as your choice of a bottle of wine, candles, manicure essentials, and some Mom Bomb bath bombs or shower steamers!

Make sure you engage your senses: wine for taste, candles for smell, some relaxing music for sound, a warm bath/shower, and some dim, relaxing lighting. For your eyes, it is recommended to boil two chamomile tea bags in milk, refrigerate them until cool, and place them over your eyes for 10 minutes to help refresh your eyes. And the perfect final touch is the luxurious, aromatherapy of Mom Bomb products to complete the perfect at-home spa. Pick any one of our beautiful bath bomb products and you are ready to go.

Classic Bath Bomb Gift Set

Our Classic Gift Set comes with six bath bombs, providing you with six unique spa day occasions! They have essential oils to moisturize your skin and help you unwind..

Bubble Bouquet Bath Bomb Gift Set

The Bubble Bouquet Bath Bomb Set is perfect because it is MEANT for a spa experience. Mountains of high, sweet-smelling bubbles will envelop you. You can sit back, relax, and let it take you away!

Calm Bomb with CBD Gift Set

Our Calm Bombs with CBD give you the ultimate, tranquil experience while relieving aches and pains you may have, as well as easing any anxiety.

“I’m Steamed” Shower Steamers

Our shower steamers give you the aromatherapy experience and benefits of luxurious all natural scents from essential oils that send messages to the part of the brain that controls emotions, giving you an uplift to your day while giving you soft, moisturized skin without even having to take a bath!

We truly have something for everyone, and are give you the “piece da resistance” to your spa experience. To explore your options for your “at-home spa day” visit:

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