Even Superheroes Deserve a Break

Would any of us question whether moms are superheroes? Mom Bomb knows that moms have many of the attributes of a superhero when it comes to protecting and caring for their family.

1. Killer instincts

A common saying is that moms have “eyes in the back of their heads,” and it might as well be true! A mom knows when a friend is good or bad as soon as they meet them; knows when they are being lied to; when their child is upset but won't say it, and, the list goes on. More times than not, their natural instincts end up being right.

2. Superhuman senses

Mothers can sense a fake cry from a real cry; can sense when their kids are hungry; when they are feeling ill; and they have supersonic smelling senses when it comes to dirty socks!

3. Ninja-like-reflexes

You could never count the amount of times your mom saved your drink from spilling everywhere; prevented a scoop of ice cream from falling off your cone, or stopped you from walking straight into a pole. Nobody truly has the ninja-like-reflexes like a mom does.

4. Multitasking

Cooking dinner, helping with math homework, and calming the baby down all at the same time? For every supermom out there, this isn't just a busy day – this is the norm. Being a mom isn't for the weak!

5.Always saving the day

Whether it's a baby crying at 2am, a scraped knee, a bad day at school, or scary monsters under the bed – nobody can save the day quite like mom can.

Mom is truly a superhero and it seems like she is invincible and can handle anything that comes her way and of course she can! That's if she takes the necessary breaks that she needs, just like everybody else. Even Batman, Superman, Thor, or Iron Man couldn't make the most of their superhero abilities without a break. That's where Mom Bomb can help.

The perfect way to give your mom a WELL-deserved break is with our Mom Bomb Bath Bombs! Any of our products like our Classic Gift Set, our Calm Bombs with CBD or a Two Pack will ensure an at home spa experience for your mom this Mother's Day. Make sure your mom knows you see her as the superhero she is with a special something. Visit the shop tab on our site to see our full collection of bath products.

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