Curious About Our Products? Let Our Customers Tell You

Mom Bomb prides itself on producing quality and effective bath bomb products and we are pleased that so many of our customers love them and share their feedback. If you want more of a reason to try us out for yourself, hear when some of our verified customers have to say. after using our Mom Bomb products.

Beth D called our Mom Bombs, “Lovely and worthwhile for any and all moms.” In her review, Beth says she loves what we're all about. She loves our products and she loves what we do to help moms in need. Beth finished her review stating, “They are gorgeous, beautiful, help Moms take care of themselves with a lovely fragrant bath, and, at the same time, you are helping other Moms. I can't think of any better reason to buy these products and support the cause. I'm hooked!”

A great testimonial to assure you our company and products are the real deal is from Mardi B. who even made a video about how happy she was with her Mom Bombs! Part of what she said in her testimony was, “These bath bombs smell absolutely amazing! They left my skin feeling smooth and moisturized and did not leave any residue in my tub like other bath bombs have. I really appreciate the cause it goes to because I haven't heard of anything else like it.”.

Another enthusiastic customer who fell in love with our products is Katie M. Like Mardi B. she emphasized the fact that they did not leave stains in the tub like other bath bombs she tried. Katie started off by saying, “From the moment you open the box, you are hit with the amazing smell from all the different scents. I wasn't much of a bath bomb person before, but now I am totally addicted!” We love to hear someone become a lover of Mom Bomb bath bombs, especially when other products just haven't done the trick for them. Our favorite part of what she had to say was, “When I decided I could not live in the bathtub all day, and eventually got out, my skin was so soft and smelled amazing for hours afterwards - No need for scented lotions after a Mom Bomb bath!”

At our website,, under Reviews and also on Amazon you can see others just like Beth, Mardi, and Katie who can attest to how happy they are with their Mom Bomb products. Women love what makes us different from the rest-stain free, luxurious scented bath bombs, and they love that with each purchase, they're helping a mom in need. We will continue doing what we do, making great products and helping moms in need and we are so grateful for the appreciation by our loyal customers. Thank you!

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