Women Who Dare To Be First

We are inspired to learn about and acknowledge the woman who dares to be first, won't stand down, gives it her all, lives her passion, and overcomes obstacles. Such women light a fire of motivation for the rest of the little girls and women out there who have a goal that may seem too “big” or major challenges they have to face. To the women who won't stand down; we see you, we hear you, we acknowledge you and we celebrate you here at Mom Bomb during International Women’s History Month.

Check out some of these phenomenal women who achieved “firsts” in professional sports.

Althea Gibson

American tennis player Althea Gibson won the French Open and was the first black player to attain a Gram Slam title. She continued to make history when she appeared in a remarkable 19 major finals between 1956-1958 and won 11 titles.

Brigid Kosgei Last year Brigid Kosgei broke the long-standing world record at the Chicago. At 25 years old and a mother of twins, she beat the previous mark of 2:15:25 set by Britain's Paula Radcliffe in London 16 years prior.

Anjeanine Lees

In December 2014, Anjeanine Lees travelled the farthest distance in 24 hours by canoe/kayak than any other female Canberra, Australia, on 6-7 December 2014. During the 125 mile voyage on the waters of Canberra, Australia, she faced thunderstorms, hail, and torrential rain to attain this record breaking distance.

Patty Berg In 1946 Patty Berg became the first champion of the U.S. Women's Open, which took place in Seattle, Washington. She won 60 professional events throughout her career. A famous quote of hers is “don’t think you really win until you live up to that high thing within you that makes you do your best, no matter what.”

Wilma Rudolph Wilma Rudolph became the first American woman to win 3 gold medals in track & field at the 1960 Summer Olympics. A strong woman who overcame a physical disability as a child, Rudolph created the Wilma Rudolph Foundation to promote amateur athletics.

Our way of supporting and encouraging women to be the best they can is by doing the most we can do help mothers in need. One of these moms could be the next Brigid Kosgei or one of their daughters could be the next Wilma Rudolph. For each purchase of one of our products, proceeds go toward helping a mom in a time of need. Donations can also be made directly on our website at mombomb.org/donate-here

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