Let us be the Robin to your Batman

Mom Bomb’s mission is to produce funds through the sale of our products to helps moms in crisis – to be a helping hand to them. Moms are superheroes that unfortunately very often go without that kind of help. Even the incredible Batman who can fly, has super powers, and a bat mobile has needed a helping hand and could turn to Robin for support. Everyone needs support at least once in a while and Mom Bomb believes that especially moms who do so much for those they love, and so selflessly, sometimes need a “Robin” when times get tough and they have no one else to turn to.

For example, a mom that reached out to us in a time of need was doing the absolute most she could for her children. But suddenly, she felt unsafe at home with her ex, who she said was the “one person who was supposed to protect us”. The person who was supposed to be her sidekick, or Robin to her Batman, was instead her biggest threat. She packed up what she could and took her children to safety. Going from shelter to shelter, she was using feminine pads in replacement of diapers and was always unsure of how she was going to be able to feed her kids each meal. She is a superhero, fighting for her kids, doing the most she could in her power, and so selflessly. We did what we could as her sidekick to make sure her and her children did not have to worry about their next meal. To be able to improve her situation, she needed that helping hand.

Angela was another superhero mom who reached out to us. Angela, a single mom with 4 kids has various conditions that keep her in and out of the hospital, and produce medical bills that don’t stop stacking up. To help her manage her daily struggles, we set up food delivery for them, which was a great help because of the hours Angela worked. To be able to do all that she does takes power that many couldn't even imagine . It was an honor to be her sidekick.

To all the mothers out there, it is important to know that it is okay to ask for help. No matter how much of a superhero you are we all need a little boost from a sidekick from time to time. You are what inspired Mom Bomb to do all we can to help others and be a sidekick to those who need it. We are proud that a portion of each sale of Mom Bomb product goes to helping moms in need and we want all mothers to know we see all that you do, we thank you, and we are here to help.

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