We Were Able to Help 6 New Moms In 2019 Because of You

Last year could not have been a more rewarding and fulfilling year for Mom Bomb. We were fortunate enough with proceeds from sales of our products and donations from generous patrons of ours to provide services to six amazing families who just needed a little help over their hurdles.

Comfort & Lindewi from Central Massachusetts

Comfort and her mom, Lindewi, lived in a group home and mom just wanted to give her daughter an experience of science, her favorite subject in school. A science experience, bath bomb tutorial, and family bonding all in one created an afternoon of laughs and fun. And mom and Comfort had beautiful bath bombs to share with the other moms in their group home.

Jennifer from Chicago

Mother's day was one we won't forget thanks to Jennifer. Diagnosed with dysautonomia cardioneurogenic syndrome and Brady Tachy, she underwent numerous surgeries. Daily tasks were a struggle and she was unable to go downstairs where her washing machine was located. We set up a laundry delivery service and in the first two pickups they collected close to 200 lbs of laundry easing Jennifer’s struggle at least a bit.

Terri from Johnson City Tennessee

Next, we met Terri, who has two gorgeous 10 year old twin daughters, and one of them, Haley, has a brain tumor and at the time we started working with them was already undergoing several treatments. Both Terri and her husband are incredibly hardworking but missing work and pay to attend doctors appointments was hitting the budget hard. Meal delivery service to the rescue. Haley loves to cook so our help turned into great family fun. We are honored to have helped Terri and her family and seeing their strength through Haley’s illness was inspiring to say the least.

Christina from McDowell County North Carolina

Christina came to us shortly after Terri at a time when her home had gotten to an unmanageable condition. Christina has had fainting spells since she was 14, never knowing the cause until she was 7 months pregnant and fainted, falling on her stomach. Thankfully she and her baby were okay, but through examination she was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White, a congenital heart problem. She had been warned to limit activity which made house cleaning impossible. We set her up with a local cleaning service and after two visits the service made her home look brand new. Having a clean space to bring her new baby home to reduced so much stress for Christina.

South Florida Mother

Sometimes we are unable to discuss names and details because of the crisis a mom is experiencing. Our next donation was just that as a mom and her three children were no longer safe in the house with her ex so she packed up what she could carry and fled to safety. She was unable to afford diapers and had resorted to using feminine pads and towels as a replacement. This mom was doing all she could for her children but struggled with not knowing where their next meal would come from. Nobody should ever feel that worry for their children, so we were glad to step in and help.

Daniela from Los Angeles County

As the end of the year was approaching and the holidays were in full swing, Daniela reached out to us. A year ago she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, and had to undergo surgery and months of rehabilitation. Just as she thought she was stable and able to get back to work, a cervical exam showed a new tumor in her ovary. Her disability had run out, but she was mandated by her doctor to remain at home instead of getting back to work. With four children one could only imagine financial strain and struggle. We provided meals for her and her family to help reduce her stress during these difficult times.

At Mom Bomb, our passion and goal is to help moms in crisis. We are dedicated to helping as many moms as we can, as much as we can. All of this help is made possible through those who purchase our Mom Bomb bath bomb products and who have also made direct donations to the organization. We would like to say thank you to all who have contributed in 2019, as you helped us help numerous amazing families, and we look forward to helping many more in the coming year.

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