A timeout isn't just for kids anymore!

When your kids get rowdy a timeout is a great way for them to calm down and reset the momentum. But a timeout doesn't have to be just for kids anymore. At Mom Bomb, we believe in a timeout for anyone!

Everyone deserves to sit back and relax with one of our luxurious bath bombs made in the USA. They are organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and some contain CBD providing a soothing sensation that you have never before experienced while taking a bath. It’s important to take a timeout from your own stressful life to decompress and reset that momentum.

The best part is, with every purchase of one of our luxurious bath bombs, it won’t only be you who’s getting a timeout. Once a bath bomb is purchased, a portion of each sale goes towards our giving organization, which serves to help a mother in crisis. Moms are responsible for so much to keep a family running and sometimes they just can’t do it all because of a special circumstance. That's where Mom Bomb comes in!

Our organization gives moms in crisis a timeout as well. They choose from our services including meal delivery, cleaning, childcare, or laundry services. As a result, they can focus more on what's important, family.

A timeout for you, a timeout for moms in need. A timeout for everyone!

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