Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Buy Bombs & Help Moms in Need

Being diagnosed with any illness can be life-altering. It means missed days of work, trouble doing normal daily tasks, unforeseen medical expenses, and maybe worst of all, no longer being able to participate in your kids' lives as much as before. Whatever the case may be, being diagnosed with serious illness can fracture anyone's world. October is breast cancer awareness month and Mom Bomb wants to spread awareness and help in any way we can. Did you know that breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in women? One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. The likelihood of a diagnosis increases as women age. The numbers start to rise around the age of 35 and continue to increase until the mid-to-late 70s. So, it’s no surprise that many moms are affected by the disease.

A cancer diagnosis comes with many hardships people might not think of. The physical effects of treatment may cause changes in body image for some women. Daily household tasks usually taken for granted can become difficult or even impossible leading to self-esteem issues. Missed days of work for doctors’ appointments and treatment sessions may result in financial hardships that some simply cannot afford.

To that end, Mom Bomb is ready to serve and comfort any mom in need, including those diagnosed with breast cancer. It just might be the case that the services we donate to women in crisis are the activities mothers may have to neglect as a result of their treatment and physical state. We’ll be right beside them as they take on the fight. And for those battling cancer and needing a bit of extra pampering and stress relief, our beautiful bath bombs will deliver.

To all those women and moms out there taking on breast cancer remember to not lose hope and to keep fighting! Cancer research is promising. Regular screening and a knowledge of family history are two ways to catch breast cancer before it becomes severely life threatening. You’re strong and can beat this disease.

Please consider donating to Mom Bomb to help moms in crisis by purchasing a box of Mom Bombs for you or to give as a gift. A portion of each sale is donated to helping moms in crisis!

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