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Tony Hawk Knows the Deal! Listen to Him Speak About Mom Bombs!

May 29, 2019

Tony Hawk could not have hit the nail on the head any further, by saying that "We all have a mom, and they have all needed help at some point." 


At one point in our lives, we have all known a mom going through a crisis, or we have been that mom. Wether you are a mom, have a mom or want to help a mom, buy a Mom Bomb bath product and help support these mothers in a time of need. You can also directly donate to the organization through


Every time you buy a box of bath products from Mom Bomb, $5 of that sale goes directly to the sister charity organization Our nonprofit organization helps moms in times of crisis with one of our four services including laundry delivery service, meal delivery service, childcare service, and house cleaning service, each worth $500.


Remember- you don't have to be a mom to buy a mom bomb or use a mom bomb, but from each gift set sold, you are helping a mom!


Give a Mom Bomb product to your teacher to show them how much you appreciate all their hard works this year! Or give some to dad for Father's Day! Lets face it, dads need some relaxation too!


Take it from Tony Hawk! Give the gift that gives twice, and help moms in a time of crisis!

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