ICE-T Speaks about Mom Bombs!!!

Ice-T speaks about Mom Bomb and what a great cause it is helping other Moms. Every time you buy a box of bath products from Mom Bomb, $5 of that sale goes directly to the sister charity organization Our nonprofit organization helps moms in times of crisis with one of our four services including laundry delivery service, meal delivery service, childcare service, and house cleaning service, each worth $500.

It doesn't matter what time of year, who you are, who the person you are buying the gift for(it doesn't have to be your mom, or even a mom at all!!) But moms in crisis are the ones who benefit from your purchase of these products!

So give the gift that gives twice any day, just because! Everyone could use a little extra relaxation!

Don't listen to us, listen to Ice-T and take his advice from this video!

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