Featured in Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019!

Our Mom Bomb Bubble Bouquets were featured in a Mother's Day Gift Guide! The perfect gift for any bubble bath lover any time of year, but the specialty of buying our products is that for each gift set bought, $5 goes towards helping mothers in crisis through our sister charity organization mombomb.org! Applicants can choose one of our four services: Laundry Delivery Service, Meal Delivery Service, Childcare Service or House Cleaning Service(Each Valued at $500)

One bubble bouquet includes a variety of 4 bubble scoops with scents like Vanilla Caramel and Tropical Breeze providing you with at least 8 baths of gorgeous bubbles. Depending on your tub size, you may even get a 3rd bath full of bubbles from just 1 scoop! Bubble Bouquet Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, SLSA, Cream of Tartar, Glycerin, Cocoa Butter, Fragrance, Mica, Glitter, Polysorbate 80. You can relax knowing that our hand-made bath bombs are 100% Vegan, Organic, Cruelty Free and Made in the USA!

How to Use Our Bubble Bouquets:

  1. Remove all of the bubble scoops from the ceramic holder.

  2. Use the twine to secure the ceramic holder onto your faucet.

  3. Unwrap desired bubble scoop and place in the ceramic holder.

  4. Turn on the water and let the water run through until the bath is filled.

  5. There should be enough left to use the scoop for at least one more bath.

You can purchase our beautiful Bubble Bouquet bubble bath gift sets on our site for $29.99, Buy now!

Read the full gift guide here >

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