Motivations From Famous Women in History

"No woman can become or remain degraded without all women suffering" – Emily Murphy.

Emily wrote this in a different time, a time long ago in the early 1900’s. In that era, being a woman was not easy. Women weren’t really considered as accepted members of society.

Emily was a Canadian activist who fought for the rights of women. She fought for several issues like voting rights for women, women to be classified as persons and much more on behalf of the welfare of women. She set an example that a mother to 4 children, can change the world and stand up for who she is.

Motherhood ain't easy. Moms have to balance responsibilities of family and work and so much more but, in between find ways to relax and calm the soul. Taking care of yourself is not being selfish, but it is an act of survival. Being a mother to your child first, but not forgetting about yourself is essential.

One can take some inspiration from a modern-day mom. Christy Turlington - the former model and a mother-of-two who is the founder of an organization called 'Every Mother Counts.' She has been consistently focused on matters of maternal health faced globally since 2012. After suffering complications during childbirth, she decided to help other moms who met with the same issues. She rightly believes that a woman's inner beauty is revealed only when she listens and attends to the needs of her body, mind, and spirit.

Mom Bomb believes in Christy’s philosophy. First, tending to your body with a relaxing bath with essential oils to help relieve stress, fatigue and tension. And takes care of our spirit by giving back to mom’s who are in crisis and suffering like Christy did. Remember those inspiring women before us this Women in History Month. Don't be too harsh on yourself, stay glowing and be healthy. Love yourself all ways, love yourself always.

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