6 - 3.5oz Bath Bombs with Magic Grow Capsules


Are you looking for that extra little spark in your life? Well, we have the perfect magic to give to you. This Magic Surprise Bath Bomb Collection is the colorful fun everyone needs in their lives. Fill your tub up and drop in the bath bomb, sit back and watch the beautiful swirl of colors unravel in front of you. The collection includes six great smelling fragrance bombs with a magical surprise in every bath. The Magic Surprise Bath Bombs are made in the USA with all-natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients to best relieve your body. This gift set is perfect for children to have a fun, fizzy time! Their smiles will be bigger than ever when opening the beautiful keepsake box.



  • FUN IN THE TUB – Children won’t want to get out of the tub with the fun in store with the Magic bath bombs. After the fun of the fizz, these all natural 3.5 oz bath bombs present a magic grow capsule. As the water seeps into the capsule, your little ones will be delighted to discover that a sponge emerges from the magic Then to their delight, the sponge is in the fun shape of a favorite animal!


  • COLORFUL, FRAGRANT, NATURAL – The bath bombs are made with the perfect combination of organic coconut oil and essential oil blends and are USA made. Each gift set comes with 6 unique scents that are the perfect balance without overwhelming the senses. “Huckleberry” is all blue; “Burffday Cake” boasts white with sprinkles; “Gummy Bear”  is deliciously green and blue; “Rainbow Sherbet” is yummy pink and yellow; “Cotton Candy” is pastel blue and pink; “Banana Split” screams green and yellow.


  • CHARITY IN EVERY SET – Proceeds from each sale helps moms in need through Mom Bomb sister charity. Moms who are going through a tough time need a break and often can’t find it. We give them some help to get them through their toughest days.

Magic Surprise Bath Bomb Collection

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  • Our hand-made bath bombs are 100% vegan, organic, cruelty-free and made in the USA!

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