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Background Info:

Our company, Mom Bomb, sells luxurious bath bombs that provide self-care and relief using vegan, organic ingredients, and donates $5 of each purchase directly to, a giving organization that aids families in need.


The next product in our pipeline, the Calm Bomb, is made with high-quality CBD and proprietary ingredients that allow the pores to open for maximum absorption. Calm Bombs, like Mom Bombs, are 100% vegan, organic, cruelty-free and made in the USA. With the combination of the CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and our patented ingredients that enable the pores to open, the Calm Bomb has the potential to help individuals with inflammation, anxiety, and neurological diseases. If successful, the Calm Bomb will be able to move Mom Bomb closer to its goal of helping as many mothers and families as possible.


The goal of this influencer campaign is to increase awareness of the Calm Bomb and direct potential customers to our IndieGoGo page, where they can help raise funds to manufacture Calm Bombs by purchasing the new product in advance of its launch.

The goal is to:

1) secure social media coverage

2) help spread the word about Calm Bomb and our IndieGoGo page.

Links and Info:

Indiegogo Campaign Link:

Company Website:

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Dates to Know:

August 20th - IndieGogo Campaign Launch and First Instagram feed post

September 20th - Second Instagram feed post

October 8th - Date that feed posts must remain on Instagram profile till

General Posts about the #CalmBombCampaign:

Day before launch:

Tomorrow is the launch of the #CalmBombCampaign! Share or donate to their IndieGogo to get your own #CBDbathbombs. Link in bio


During launch:

The new #CBD bath bombs, #CalmBombs, by #MomBomb, give a whole new meaning to the word relaxation. Share or donate to the #CalmBombCampaign so you can try them yourselves! Link in bio


[Insert positive feedback] $5 of every purchase from #MomBomb goes to their non-profit that helps families in need! Play a part in helping families in need by supporting the #CalmBombCampaign by #MomBomb.


[Insert positive feedback] Help support the production of new #CBD bath bombs, by #MomBomb, and share or donate to their IndieGogo! Link in bio

#BuyBombsHelpMoms #CalmBombCampaign

Things to know:

#CalmBombs are made with 100% #organic ingredients - they are gentle and soft on skin.


All #MomBomb products are 100% #vegan and #crueltyfree.


#CalmBombs are made in the USA.


#CalmBombs are all natural and will not stain your tub or leave residue.


Every 100 customers of #MomBomb products help a family in need. Visit to read the story.


$5 of your purchase go directly to our sister non-profit organization!


#MomBomb was founded by a struggling mother.


#MomBomb is a woman-run business.


#CBD is known to relieve chronic pain, improve skin condition, reduce inflammation, reduce stress, and promote healthy weight!


#CalmBombs have a special patented formula to enhance the absorption of #CBD through the skin.

ALL NATURAL, NO Artificial Dyes, Non GMO, Vegan, Organic 25 MG CBD Bath Bomb

Calm Bomb Ingredients:

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil, Magnesium Sulfate, *CBD Blend*, Essential Oil Blend, Polysorbate 80, Mica for coloring

*patent pending

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