Asked Questions

Are the bath bombs safe?

Yes! More than safe, they are exceptional! Our bath bombs are absolutely safe for daily use for kids and adults of all ages! All oils used in our bath bombs are organic, vegan, and nontoxic. They are handmade in the USA. We wouldn't give you anything we wouldn't use on ourselves on our families. We use our own products daily.

Will they stain my bath tub?

Nope, definitelty not. How would that be relaxing for you?! All ingredients used to create our bath bombs are gentle, they do not leave stains or residue behind on normal bathtub surfaces.

Will they stain my skin and nails?

No, all ingredients used to create our bath bombs are gentle, and are FDA approved.

Where are they made?

Right here in the USA! We take immense pride in that fact. We ensure the highest quality of our products for our cusotmers and ourselves.

How many uses does one bath bomb yield?

Each bath bomb is designed for a one time use. It will dissolve after it has completed it's amazing fizzy journey!

When do I put the bath bomb in my bath?

You can place within the bath water after it has filled to your personal desired depth and temperature.

How frequently can I use bath bombs?

As often as you'd like! MAny customer use them daily. The more often you use them, the more of benefits you'll see.

Are the bath bombs safe for colored hair?

Yes! All ingredients used to create our bath bombs are so gentle, they will keep that fabulous color right on-point!

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