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Mom Bomb

We Serve Moms.

Born out of necessity, every woman on our staff understands the importance of supporting moms in crisis.

Every dollar of profit we make goes directly into our own charity, Mom Bomb Giving.

We are the only luxury beauty company doing this.

We make luxury bath bombs affordable with products that are organic, vegan, non-toxic, and made in the USA.

We show up every day to serve moms by making self-care accessible and using whatever we can to serve moms who need it.




Heather Logrippo


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I never want another mother to go through what I went through when I was diagnosed with a chronic pain disease.

Maria Alter


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We, as women, want to support each other, and helping a fellow woman who is doing her best...this can create a ripple that can affect generations.

Karen Dumond

Executive Director, Mom Bomb Giving

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I find hope that each life we impact will be one less mom lost and one less child left to struggle with the scars of such a life.



Gina DiStefano

Executive Sales Strategist

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As a single mom, I have faced many challenges alone. Situations I didn’t think I’d make it out of. I always did, because of the women behind me.  I live my life to be one of those women for others.

Kristine Western

Director of Social Media Strategy

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Through my own struggle with infant loss, I have come to appreciate the need for community in motherhood, especially in times of crisis.  Motherhood can be isolating, help can be hard to find...and it doesn't have to be.




Our products are hand-crafted, made in the USA, organic, vegan, and non-toxic.

We created them for us

to share with you!

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Give it all back, using 100% of our profits to fund our charity.

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From Our Founder

This business was born because I was suffering.


I was struck down with an illness out of the blue that was life-altering. I couldn’t do the things that I would normally do every day (for example, work on the computer or have a conversation with someone!), so I started making bath bombs.


The essential oils were soothing and provided relief, and the task itself quickly proved itself to be therapeutic. I started shopping online to see what other bath bombs were out there and felt like I could build a better bomb.


I wanted to create bath bombs that were more luxurious than the others.


Superior scents with higher-quality ingredients that would leave bathers like me with the relaxing sensation that they so desperately need.  It was also important to me that they be made in the USA (many come from China).


And build a better bomb we did! We took the base product, which was made with high-quality essential oils, and added organic Argan oil that locks in moisture and helps prevent aging. The more we made, the more we realized we could create baths worth savoring!

Once the formula was set, I just needed to figure out how I could use the money I made from this endeavor to help others…and that’s where comes in. You see, when you shop Mom Bombs, you get the best quality products you can buy, and you impact the life of a mom in crisis.


So, come join us, and jump in the tub with Mom Bomb! And don't forget, in this case, self-care means helping you, the loved ones who depend on you, and other, anonymous mothers in need.



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Bring luxurious self-care products to the market.

We give moms in need $500 to critical stabilizing services, including:

- Meals

- Childcare

- Cleaning


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