Mom Bombs are luxury bath bombs that provide the self-care and relief we crave.  

Our line also includes premium items such as nontoxic shower steamers.  

We use all of our profits to support our charity, Mom Bomb Giving.  

Every time you purchase from our site, all of our profits support our sister organization,

Mom Bomb Giving (mombomb.org). 

This foundation supports moms in crisis with $500 to be used towards:
- meal delivery 
- housekeeping
- laundry
- childcare 

Check out Our Mission, Our Story, and Our MOAB to find out more.

Our Mission:

We wanted to create a better bath bomb that people would love, while also filling a societal gap. Our founder, Heather Roberts, had her own struggles as a mother and, as she talked to others, she found that all-too-often, they too had unexpected things happen in their lives, stressful things that can break anyone in an already-tenuous position. A mother that gets left with three children suddenly, a mom that needs to support her mother's medical expenses while also caring for her own children, a mother with a long-term illness that doesn't quite qualify for disability... There was clearly a need, and Heather decided that this product -- the very product that gave her both relief and hope -- could be used to help those who fell into that gap.


You see, we know that moms support other moms, but it's not always easy to ask your fellow moms for help. We hope that our giving organization, MomBomb.org, will ease the burdens of those struggling so that mothers don't have to continue relying on their same spheres of influence. We've been through that ask-cringe-repeat cycle, and we want to help.


There are countless charitable organizations that state how much they raise, but rarely do we hear what was done with the money raised.  MomBomb.org wants to change that. We are completely transparent, and allow our fans to see not only how we have helped people, but also where we have helped them and how it made a difference in their lives. We encourage you to check our giving organization page for updates and news... And when you're feeling the stress, or just want to appreciate how lucky you are, drop a bomb in the tub and let the day melt away while knowing that you're helping another mom!


- create a product that is superior in the marketplace and can stand on its own

- use all of our profits to support mothers in need

Moms give it all...

So we do, too.



There once was a mom sailing a sea of success.

Heather had all she needed, nothing less;

A mate she loved and fine children two,

four happy people made the ideal crew.

Their ship of life rode the waves with ease,

pushed gently ahead with fate’s friendly breeze.

But beneath the surface of all-is-well,

currents of turmoil were beginning to swell

Heather’s partner jumped ship, leaving her quite alone,

to care for her children all on her own.

The waves that had been so gentle and calm,

were now pitching and heaving causing her harm.

But Heather held on and wouldn’t give in.

She had to keep fighting, she had to win.

Her courage rewarded with Kevin, her new mate,

a truly great favour from the kind hand of fate.

He helped her rebuild the world she had lost,

never sparing his efforts nor counting the cost.

The new family ship set sail once more,

and life aboard was as bright as before.

But an unseen hazard was lying in wait.

For the waters are shallow over the sharp rocks of fate.

Heather was struck by an awful blow,

that sank health and spirit to a terrible low.

But once again her great partner was there,

to guide her through all the hurt and despair.

The lesson was clear and a joy to behold ;

We can never be sure of how life will unfold.

Always be mindful of life’s hidden reef,

that can wreck your safe ship bringing pain and grief.

And now she embraces the role that she’ll play,

in helping others who struggle each day

Comforting them as they’re facing strife,

showing hope still remains on the good ship, “Life”.


So while you relax in this sea of pleasure,

know that this purchase has helped one more “Heather”!



(or MOAB)

What is a MOAB? It’s a military term used for Mother Of All Bombs.

Once the formula was set, I just needed to figure out how I could use the money I made from this endeavor to help others…and that’s where MomBomb.org comes in. I invite you to check it out. You see, when you give someone Mom Bombs, you not only help them, but also many other moms at the same time. It's the gift that gives twice!


So, come join us, and jump in the tub with Mom Bomb! And don't forget, in this case, self-care means helping you, the loved ones who depend on you, and other, anonymous mothers in need.



We thought it was appropriate because we are a military family. Kevin (the guy referred to in OUR STORY) is retired Coast Guard, and when thinking of all of the exciting things that go into building a business, this acronym came up. After a few belly laughs, it stuck. So, let me introduce myself. Hi! I’m Heather Roberts, the mother of all bombs. I think I’ll try that at cocktail parties and see what happens.


But really, this business was born because I was suffering. Getting struck down with an illness out of the blue was life-altering in so many ways. I couldn’t do the things that I would normally do every day (for example, work on the computer or have a conversation with someone!), so I started making bath bombs. The essential oils were soothing and provided relief, and the task itself quickly proved itself to be therapeutic. I started shopping online to see what other bath bombs were out there and felt like I could build a better bomb (need to be careful where I say that). I wanted to create bath bombs that were more luxurious than the others; superior scents with higher-quality ingredients that would leave bathers like myself with the relaxing sensation that they so desperately need… it was also important to me that they be made in the USA (many come from China). So, build a better bomb we did! We took the base product, which was made with high-quality essential oils, and added organic Argan oil that locks in moisture and helps prevent aging. The more we made, the more we realized we could create baths worth savoring again!

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